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Stelios Tsikas is a restless spirit. His photographic and cinematic lens is the way of expressing himself with creative images, seeking to trap the light, to define the expression and through the shadows to create an atmosphere. He has studied photography for three years as well as directing for two years. During his career in films/filming and after having created short films projected at the Drama Festival and the Thessaloniki Film Festival, he has worked for 12 years in the Greek film industry as assistant director and production assistant, where he met his wife, director Theodora Bassacou and created together a highly successful photography and wedding video company Stelios Tsikas Wedding filmmakers.

A major source of his inspiration is travelling. Over the last 25 years, he has visited more than 50 countries, with many of his images being awarded in world competitions (Geo, National Geographic, Wiki lovers Earth etc.). Along with/Alongside wedding photography, he organizes a travel photography workshop.

Wedding photography means a lot to him because it comprises all sorts of photography. For some years, he has been a member of PWS, holds the title of Craftsman, and has attended all the seminars the company organized, while he has also won many awards.

I'm based in athens, greece, also available in islands and abroad


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My work is an expression of what I am most passionate about: storytelling and human interaction. I see beauty in everything and in everyone.

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Extraordinary reminders of happy moments you had

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